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        Pre-sales Consulting
        Ameria: intl@neoway.com
        Europe: sales.europe@neoway.com
        India: sales.india@neoway.com
        Asia: sales.asia@neoway.com
        Global: sales@neoway.com
        Technical Support


        Q1: Does N58 support the Wi-Fi function?
              Yes. But it supports Wi-Fi Scan only by now and uses this function to fix Wi-Fi location.

        Q2: Does N58 support custom development?
              Yes. It supports FreeRtos and programming in standard C language.

        Q3: I load the N58 drivers on a Windows 10 OS but the system shows that the device cannot work.
              On Windows 10, you need to disable driver signature enforcement before installing the USB drivers.

        Q4: Can N58 make calls or send SMS messages without CDMA or CDMA2000 1xEV-DO network signals?
              N58 supports only LTE, GSM, and GPRS.

        Q5: What is the number of the port used for the Linux debugging of N58?
               VID 2949
               PID 7401  network device is RNDIS
                      7402  network device is ECM
               USB device        MI Number
               Network           0, 1
               MDM            2
               NMEA           3
               AT             4
               DIAG           5
               CPLOG          6
               APLOG          7
               OPENCON        8

        Q6: Which modules are pin-to-pin compatible with N58?
              4G: N720, N720V5,  N75

              3G: N51

        Q1: How do I convert the CSQ value obtained by AT+CSQ into RSSI?
               CSQ=0                 RSSI<113
               CSQ=(113+RSSI)/2    -113<RSSI<-51
               CSQ=31                RSSI>-51

        Q2: What factors will cause the dialup failure of N720?
               1. Network conditions:
               The frequency band of  the live network does not match.
               The signal is not stable.
               The signal is weak.
               Network saturation
               2. Parameter configurations such as APN, user name, password, and authentication type are incorrect.
               3. SIM card issues:
               The SIM card is out of service.
               The SIM card is bound to a device.
               The SIM card is locked.
               The SIM card is damaged.
               The SIM card is not in good contact with the connector.
               4. The firmware of your device does not have a complete abnormality processing mechanism that can determine the dialup conditions or have proper timer requirements.
               5. The device is configured incorrectly.

        Q3: What factors will cause the disconnection of N720 TCP client?
               Network saturation, network mode switch, network latency, unstable signal, incorrect SIM card configurations, incorrect logic of server software, incorrect logic of MCU software, etc.

        Q4: The N720 module cannot connect to the server.  What might cause this issue?
               1. The SIM card is out of service of the data quota is used up.
               2. The network signal is weak or there is no signal.
               3. The IP address is released after the module obtain it. For example, the base station releases the IP address after the module restarts.
               4. The APN or username and password are incorrect so that the obtained IP address is not in the same network segment with the server.
               5. The firewall on the server is not set correctly.
               6. Though you enable the roaming service, the data services of two private networks are not reachable to each other.

        Q5: The N720 module cannot identify the SIM card.  What might cause this issue?
               1. The SIM card does not have good contact with the card holder.
               2. There is dirt on the SIM card holder.
               3. Some component is damaged in the SIM network or some pin is not soldered properly or short circuit.

        Q6: What do I need to provide for the analysis on data service issues of N720?
               1. Logs of UART AT
               2. Logs printed by device
               3. Modem logs, server logs

        Q1: Does N21 support the Bluetooth function?
               Yes. it supports BT4.2 for data transmission.

        Q2: Which kind of package does N21 adopt?
               The N21 module adopts 22-pin LGA package. After it is mounted onto a PCB board, all its pins are hidden. This package enhances the product safety by reducing the risk of oxidation and short circuit.

        Q3: Does N21 support remote wakeup from the PSM mode?
               No, it does not support remote wakeup by commands. In PSM mode, N21 wakes up automatically after TAU times out or can be wakened locally.

        Q4: Which network standards does N21 support?
               N21 is a single-mode  NB-IoT module and it does not support GSM/GPRS or eMTC.

        Q5: Does N21 support 3GPP Release 14?
               Yes. N21 supports 3GPP Release 14 and is also compatible with Release 13 and earlier versions

        Q6: Do I need to set APN for the network registration of N21?
               APN is optional for the network registration of N21.
               If you set an APN, ensure that you set it correctly. The APN you set must match the SIM card you use. Otherwise, the module might fail to attach a network.

        Q7: How long does it take the N21 module to attach a network in an environment with good signal coverage after the module is started?
               It depends on your network. Please consult your carrier.
               It is recommended to extend the waiting time for the module to access a network since the network conditions might change in the future.

        Q8: Which kind of startup does N21 support?
               N21 supports automatic startup triggered by powerup and startup controlled by MCU.
               The 5th pin PWRKEY_N of N21 is used to control the startup function and it is connected to the 1.1V power domain through a pullup resistor.
               If you connect the PWRKEY_N pin to the ground through a 1.5kΩ resistor, the module automatically starts up after power is supplied.
               If you adopts the schematics of button or MCU control for PWRKEY_N, the module starts up after the pin is pulled low for 2 seconds.


        Q1:Which network standards does N25 support?

                N25 supports NB-IoT and GPRS(include 3GPP Release 14).

        Q1: Which types of position fix functions does N27 support?
               N27 supports LBS and GNSS position fix.

        Q1: Which Android version does N2810 support?
               Android 6.0

        Q2: What kind of vehicle data can the N2810 collect?
               CAN data based on ISO standard protocols. The data should be opened by the vehicle.

        Q3: Does N2810 support remote upgrade?
               Yes. It supports MOTA and FOTA upgrade for the MCU and the cellular module respectively.

        Q4: Since N2810 supports Android 8.1, can I preset APK?
               Yes. You need to provide the source APK files to Neoway to put it into the firmware.

        Q5: Can these devices save offline data?
               Yes. When a device enters an area without network signals or cannot report data, it saves the data locally and reports again after the network signal recovers.

        Q1: Which Android version does N2870 support?
               Android 8.0

        Q2: Within what voltage range does N2870 support operate?

        Q3: What protocols does N2870 support?
               ISO9141-2; ISO14230-4(KWP2000); ISO15765-4(500K/250K,11/29Bit); SAE J1850 VPW/PWM

        Q4: What kind of vehicle data can the N2870 collect?
               CAN data based on ISO standard protocols. The data should be opened by the vehicle.

        Q5: Does N2870 support remote upgrade?
               Yes. It supports MOTA and FOTA upgrade for the MCU and the cellular module respectively.

        Q6: Since N2870 supports Android 8.1, can I preset APK?
               Yes. You need to provide the source APK files to Neoway to put it into the firmware.

        Q7: Can these devices save offline data?
               Yes. When a device enters an area without network signals or cannot report data, it saves the data locally and reports again after the network signal recovers.

        Q1: What are the main functions of N2610?
               Read vehicle data
               Fix position
               Driver behavior analysis based on vehicle and position data
               Report alarms

        Q2: Does N2610 support AGPS?
               Yes. The AGPS function can help increase the position fix speed.

        Q3: What kind of vehicle data can the N2610 collect?
               CAN data based on ISO standard protocols. The data should be opened by the vehicle.

        Q4: Does N2610 support remote upgrade?
               Yes. It supports MOTA and FOTA upgrade for the MCU and the cellular module respectively.

        Q5: Can these devices save offline data?
               Yes. When a device enters an area without network signals or cannot report data, it saves the data locally and reports again after the network signal recovers.

        Q1: What are the differences between T3050 and T3030?
               T3030 is an indoor beacon and T3050 is an outdoor beacon. They have different IP rate.

        Q1: Which parameters do I need to configure if the device is connected to a private network?
               1. Device parameters on webpage
               2. Network parameters such as APN, user name, and password (depending on your carrier)

        Q1: How do I route antenna traces for the communications module?
               Use a π-network to adjust the impedance
               Use 4-plane PCB
               Ensure S<
               Surround the traces with a complete ground and dig GND holes

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